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Friday August 18, 2017
Why Do You Need Health Insurance?
Why Do You Need Health Insurance?

Before speaking about the necessity of getting health insurance policy, let's try to understand what it is and what its profits are.



Nowadays there are numerous insurance companies, providing this or that kind of insurance policy. An Ill-informed person can get confused due to the enormous amount of information. It is widely known that every cook praises his own broth. We'll try to make it more vivid and clear to a person who doesn't have any experience in this sphere.

First of all, we'll look through the types of health insurance. They are the following:

  • 1 Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. AD&D insurance is offered by group insurers and provides benefits in the event of accidental death.
  • 2 Dental insurance. Dental insurance covers all the expenses connected with dental care.
  • 3 Disability income insurance. Disability income (DI) insurance provides payments for those people who lose their ability to work due to injury or illness.
  • 4 Long-term care insurance (LTC) and long-term disability insurance (LTD).LTC is very similar to long-term disability insurance. But nevertheless, there are two main differences between them: LTC covers the expense of a certain type of illness, while LTD replaces revenue during the period the person is unable to work. The second difference lies in the fact that the major reason for LTC is the need for chronic care, while for LTD it is the inability to work.
  • 5 Vision care insurance. Vision care insurance ensures costs for routine eye care and is typically written to complement other medical benefits.

Here we should also speak about the insurance policy. A health insurance policy is a document, signed between an insurance company and an individual or his employer. This document or a contract, can be revitalized every month or every year. There are documents which regulate this or that very health insurance contract. In these documents all the amounts covered by the insurance company are listed.

All these characteristics vary from company to company, and are regulated and determined by a certain personal case. The rates of expenses also differ in every certain case. It depends on the type of company (whether it is a state-ruled or a private one), the type of insurance policy, its term of duration and other conditions. Of course, there is a certain system of bonuses and discounts, but they are also lie in the company's prerogative.

In conclusion it should be noticed that health insurance is vital and justified nowadays. The reasons for that are quite obvious: poor ecological situation, constant stresses at work, the amount of accidents (car and plane) and catastrophes (floods, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, tornados). Modern people do not feel greed while the matter concerns their health. Many doctors support the idea of health insurance necessity. Especially it concerns serious illnesses and failure operations which lead to patients' death.

Nevertheless, so many men so many minds. And it's up to the person to decide whether to insure his health or not.

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