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Saturday August 19, 2017
Health Tourism: what types of procedures are most popular for Health tourism?
Health Tourism

Health or medical tourism has become particularly popular today due to advantageous prices, good quality and the diversity of treatment methods. Nowadays we surprisingly define over 50 countries as destinations in health tourism. There are still more and more countries which are willing to experience health tourism.

When talking about the most popular types of procedures we are to define certain areas of research due to wide variety of procedures performed. Anyway, we deal with orthopedic, cosmetic, coronary area and the question of weigh loss.



Among orthopedic procedures we will define three most frequent ones. They will involve hip resurfacing, hip replacement and knee replacement. In the area of spine surgery disk fusion and disk replacement seem to take the first place. While weigh loss surgery is also rather popular among men and women. For example, health tourism has the evidence of lap band surgery and gastric bypass surgery. Due to the fact that a great number of cosmetic surgeries are not performed in some patients' native countries they have to find the appropriate hospitals abroad. Other patients do not trust doctors in their native countries and are likely to have heart bypass surgery and heart valve surgery overseas.

Obviously, a patient who is likely to experience health tourism has to understand certain points. Firstly, the operation should not require immediate performance. In other words, if a patient has a pain in a knee he should not rush to another country for health tourism he just has to go to the doctor in his native area. Before deciding what country you are able to travel to define if the cost of the desired procedure is really higher in local hospitals. Sometimes patients make mistakes due to wrong information. Similar to this, people are willing to be abroad for a long time in order to have a certain kind of rest from friends and family. But usually such medical procedures do not take more than a couple of weeks.

But anyway before experiencing medical tourism make sure that the operations are suitable for you. For this purpose, there are certain centers in most countries where work specialists who help people in defining their opportunities. In other words, these professionals are able to estimate your facilities and pick up the appropriate hospital for you. They are even able to transfer your medical records to other country, perform the scheduling or make an appointment. In other words, they are able to assist you in the whole procedure and make your life much easier.

According to the statistics, there are about 300,000 people each year who are willing to perform health tourism. And a certain shift is likely to take place. For instance, health tourism does not involve primarily dental or cosmetic surgery. And even more, certain countries today offer more opportunities for foreign patients by performing a number of facilities. And these facilities are now available not only for rich people.

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