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Friday August 18, 2017
Trichomoniasis & Trichomoniasis research
Trichomoniasis & Trichomoniasis research

Trichomonas infection or trichomoniasis is the most common sexually tolerated diseases. Such disease is curable. The culprit Trichomonas vaginalis is the cause of the disease. According to some researches about 7.4 million of men and women suffer from the trichomoniasis every year in the United States. Despite the fact the both men and women affected by the disease, symptoms are declared usually in women. Moreover, symptoms of trichomoniasis will develop only in 10% to 50% of contagious men. If a person feels that he or she is infected, then it is advised to make tests.



Trichomoniasis can be transmitted through sexual transaction which is unprotected. One should say that almost in 100% of cases the infection is evident through penis-to-vagina transaction or vulva-to-vulva transaction with a contagious partner. Women can be contaminated through contact with both men and women. Furthermore, men are more inclined to catch the infection from women. The vagina is considered to be the most common area of infection in women and urethra is the area of infection in men. It is very important to know that trichomonas protozoa can live outside the body during 45 minute, it means that a person can catch the microbism through infected towels, bedding or even bathing suits. But still the percentage to catch the infection this ways is very low.

There are cases when contagious women have less or no symptoms, those who have them revealed within 5 to 28 days after they contacted with the culprit. The symptoms in women are the following: plethorical, yellow-green or gray vaginal discharge, pain or inconvenience during sexual transaction and painful miction. Women can also suffer from pruritus in the genital area or in some cases they can have celiodynia. But such symptoms as vaginal or vulval irritation and eduction are very often sudden and appear during or after menstruation.

It was mentioned before, that men quite often do no have any symptoms but if it happens so the symptoms are the following: a thin, whity exposure from the penis and painful usresis and emission of seminal fluid.

If you found that you have the disease, you have to know that it is treated with the help of antibiotics. Such drug as metronidazole can cure trichomoniasis infections. As for pregnant women, they also can use it to preclude trichomoniasis bacteria from threatening pregnancy. Also doctors advice those people who are contagious not to have sexual transaction till their absolute recovery in order to diminish the risk spreading the infection. It is also recommended to treat all sexual partners in case only one partner is infected as it is considered to be the way to preclude a new round of infection or the spread of the disease.

One should say that a lot of researches were made in order to discover causes of growth and development of vaginal microbes. Lately, the entire genetic code of the trichomonus vaginalis protozoan was sequenced, the aim was to find out new methods of precluding the diffusion of trichomoniasis.

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