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Friday August 18, 2017
The top-5 Health Insurance Companies in the USA
The top-5 Health Insurance Companies in the USA

Here is the list of the USA major Health Insurance companies. They are presented in order of increase:



Aetna Inc. is considered to be one of the most well-known health insurance company in the US. This company deals with three certain segments. Its Health Care division provides traditional compensation expenses, HMOs, point-of-service (POS) plans, PPOs, health savings accounts, and, along with Medicare plans, vision, dental and behavioral health. Under its health plans Aetna has more 15 million people, 10 million pharmacy members and over 13 million dental plan members. Its Group Insurance segment provides disability, life and long-time care insurance that covers about 15 million people.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association supervises about 40 parts that offer health care coverage to more than 90 million Americans through Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), point-of-service (POS) plans, compensation insurance, fee-for-service plans and preferred provider organizations (PPOs). Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association also control Medicare plans for the federal government. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts is in the process of developing a statewide electronic medical records system. They are also working on ways to provide insurance for the estimated 500,000 uninsured in Massachusetts.

CIGNA Corporation is one of the main US health insurers, CIGNA operates with over 9 million people with its diversity of HMO, medical plans, which include PPO, consumer-directed products and compensation. CIGNA also offers other health coverage in the sphere of behavioral health plans and vision, dental, pharmacy and it puts into practice life insurance and accident disability. Its customers include unions, employers, Medicare recipients, government entities, and other individuals in Canada and the US. The company also works for the international market. It sells supplemental, life and accident health insurance in parts of the European Union, Chile and Asia.

UnitedHealth Group Incorporated is considered to be the second largest health insurance company in the USA (behind WellPoint). It touches upon four business spheres and provides various health care services and plans. Its Health Care Services segment administers PPO, POS (point-of-service) and HMO plans, and also various Medicaid and Medicare options. It offers health plans for large companies, and Specialized Care Services provides one such spheres as dental and vision care and other services and products. Due to Ingenix people are able to get health information publishing and consulting, and also drug marketing services and clinical research.

WellPoint, Inc. is one of the largest health insurance companies. The company provides health coverage, firstly under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield name, to over 34 million medical members through its subsidiaries. The company has BCBS or Blue Cross licensee in 14 states. WellPoint offers plans under the Unicare name in various parts of the country. With the help of the company one can get a variety of managed care plans (such as indemnity, PPO, hybrid plans and HMO) to recipients of Medicaid and Medicare, individuals and employers. WellPoint also offers administrative services (claims underwriting and processing) to specialty insurance products and self-insured groups.

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