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Friday August 18, 2017
Syphilis & Syphilis research
Syphilis & Syphilis research

Syphilis is a serious disease that passes from one person to another by sexual contact. It is caused by a bacterium named treponema pallidum. It progresses step by step and can lead to death if not treated seriously. It can be transmitted during vaginal, oral or anal sex. An unborn child can also get affected by this disease in the pregnancy period of mother.



The various stages of Syphilis are:

  • 1. Primary
  • 2. Secondary
  • 3. Latent
  • 4. Tertiary

This disease is also known as 'the great imitator'. The symptoms of this disease take a long time to show themselves. The drug preferred to cure the disease is penicillin. During the treatment of syphilis it is necessary to avoid any sexual activity. Even after the treatment is successful one should test for the disease regularly after six months or so. To prevent Syphilis one should avoid the contact with infected tissues and body fluids of infected persons. The other common names with which the people associate this disease are pox, bad blood and siff. The major question that comes in mind regarding syphilis is how one can check for it. These two following methods are the best for checking syphilis:

  • 1. By identifying the bacteria in a sample taken from lesion. It is done with the help of dark field microscope.
  • 2. By testing the blood.
  • 3. Some cases can be identified by visual inspection itself.

Now after checking the disease the treatment is very necessary and the type of treatment will basically depend on stage of disease. As told earlier in the article penicillin is best drug for the treatment but for the persons who are allergic to penicillin there are some other antibiotics also. There is a high percentage of chance that a person once affected by this disease can again have infection.

The statistics of Syphilis varies from year to year and place to place. Primary and secondary syphilis were declined up to 90 percent in USA form 1990 to 2000. But the number of cases in 2004 was high again. The most noticeable thing is the age of the people infected by syphilis. It is between 20 to 39 i.e. youngsters. Out of these youngsters most of them were females. In the recent years syphilis is also reported in men because of increasing sexual relationship in men. Doctors and scientists are having researches on syphilis. They have carried out the researches and produced the reports.

A majority of scientists in this field are working on methods that can be used for diagnosis of syphilis. Scientists are also trying to develop the tests that can help to detect the disease in newly born babies. Another important aspect of the research of the scientists is to find a safe, effective, single-dose oral antibiotic therapy for the treatment of disease. One of the current researches is evaluating oral azithromycin for treating primary syphilis.

Although the research trials have their own risks but the researchers and scientists are taking careful steps to treat their patients.

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