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Friday August 18, 2017
Shigellosis & Shigellosis research

All people living in this world want to lead a healthy life. In this current situation, where science and technology has grown to such a vast extent, people are being hit by numerous infections, diseases, accidents and incidents. Some are minor, few are major bit many are life threatening ones. The number of infections or diseases in this world is uncountable and the causes for many infections are still unknown. Doctors and scientists are into extensive research to solve the mysteries that is covering the earth as a black blanket, but they are not able to shed enough light that shines through the blanket.



People should be aware of the risks, various types of diseases or infections, readymade cures for minor wounds and precautionary steps needs to be taken in every walk of life. Weekly medical reviews can be discussed during the family or friends get together in order to keep pace with the changing world.

People are not aware of many day-to-day infections. One such infection is Shigellosis. Shigellosis is an infection caused by the bacterium leading to dysentery. This may start as a normal case of dysentery leading huge complications, loss of body weight, low blood pressure, increased blood sugar and at the end organ failures. Though the number of cases of Shigellosis is very less compared to other infections, this is easily infected to people who have a weak immune system. This is usually mistaken for the normal dysentery that occurs due to food-poisoning. The symptoms are abdominal pain, cramps, loss of appetite, loss of body blood sugar, increased headache and sleeplessness. Dysentery usually settles in for two or three days. When it persists for more than a week then it is something else than what we initially thought. Shigellosis creeps in without any indication like normal dysentery and any time it is life threatening.

Treatment for Shigellosis is regular treatment, keeping the patient for observation for a period of two weeks. It can be cured only with intensive therapy, breathing methods, controlled food intake and a healthy lifestyle. The Physicians take extra effort in maintain the blood sugar level of the body. Every food is weighed in terms the calorie content and nutritious value in order to keep Shigellosis at bay without affecting the [patient once again.

Shigellosis makes the patient weak, hits the immune system in a drastic level and he may be confined to the bed for more than a month. This should not be taken easily and has to be taken very seriously as this one makes man weak both mentally and physically. Clinics, Hospitals have specialised treatment areas to treat this bacterial infection around the clock. If this is diagnosed initially, then treating this would be much easier than in later stages. The treatment should also be done by efficient doctors and physicians in order to treat the patient with minimum stress and strain. The treatments are cost-effective, covers under any insurance plan in many of the hospitals. People should make use of this effectively for leading a healthier life.

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