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Friday August 18, 2017
Scurvy & Scurvy research

Scurvy is disease that is being caused in the human body due to the lack in proper quantity of vitamin c. Vitamin c is an important constituent of the human body and it is necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the human body. Lack of vitamin c may cause great trouble to the functioning of the human body. There are many people all over the world who are struggling due to this medical condition and teenagers are markedly prone to this kind of the disorder. There is a large amount of research activities that is being undertaken to develop a medicine that will help in fast recovery of the patient who has fallen ill due to the lack of vitamin c. Many people have recovered in a rapid pace due to the increased level of facilities due to the research activities taking place.



Symptoms of Scurvy

Some of the important symptoms that are being shown by a scurvy patient include weakness, bleeding in gums and also pain in bones. Vitamin c will be available in most of the fresh fruits and they are quite sufficient to fulfill the requirements of vitamin c in the human body. The occurrence of scurvy has a historical reference to its credit. When the British sailors when to voyage in deep sea, it was found that they become very weak and tired at the end of the voyage in spite of having a diet which is good in nutrition. Later it was found that this disease was not occurring when they had consumed enough amounts of fruit during the voyage. From then on the British sailors used to carry large amount of limes along with in order to escape from this symptoms.

Scurvy diagnosis

The diagnosis of Scurvy can be done by clinical and also based on radiographic grounds. There is a significant drop in the level of vitamin c in children when they are subjected to this condition, hence this disease can be diagnosed in a easy manner. When this deficiency occurs there is a reduction in the amount of plasma and there is a strong possibility that this count might reduce to almost nil. This lack of blood plasma is supposedly to be very dangerous. There is also a chance that the lung and kidney disease will be following the signs of weakness and loss of fatigue.

Scurvy research

Every year there is a massive amount of money that is being spent on research on scurvy. It is estimated more than thirty billion dollars of money are being spent on research grounds of this issue. There is major development which has been made in treatment that is being offered to patients with scurvy and there is always a treatment that is available in the corner. Newer technologies and facilities have been developed to confront this disease with great level of ease.

The advancement in the field of science has made it possible for people with scurvy to be without worrying since there is a wide range of treatments that are available.

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