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Saturday August 19, 2017
Neuroendocrinology Research

Neuroendocrinology research is the study of specific interactions which occur between the endocrine system and the nervous system. What this means is that it studies such things as how the hormones which are secreted by the pituitary gland interact and function with one another. This research is very important to the medical field. Many people don't realize how much is involved with this portion of the body. They also don't realize how much this relationship is controlled by the brain. It also includes a lot of studies and research which have to do with the brain functions which can lead to such things as schizophrenia, epilepsy, and certain brain disorders.

Neuroendocrinology research is a very involved research which has a lot of different focuses. A lot of the research is done in a research lab and some of it does involve experiments which make use of animals. This is an important part of the research when it comes to trying to find certain drugs or therapies which may help people suffering from one of the many disorders that are covered under this study. This research is used to find out those missing answers and turn those answers into treatments which will help to give many people their lives back.



Take someone suffering from epilepsy for example. Some people suffer from severe cases which can have an affect on all areas of their life. Some are so bad they can't drive, have a hard time holding a job, and may even need to be with someone at all times in case they happen to have a severe seizure. While there are currently medications which can help them gain a little control over their condition, there is no cure. With the Neuroendocrinology research being performed, we may someday have a complete cure which would mean these people would be able to live their life just as everyone else is able to.

Another area this research focuses on is how to treat conditions which can take hold on a persons mood and concentration. One example of this would be the symptoms which many people suffer from as they are going through menopause. Menopause can cause a woman to experience such things as memory problems, difficulty in concentration, mood swings, hot flashes, anxiety and more. Neuroendocrinology research delves in to the factors which can cause these women going through menopause to suffer from these conditions. This research then comes up with findings which lead to treatments, procedures, and drugs which can help a woman to better control these symptoms.

Neuroendocrinology research also goes into trying to find ways of treating those whom have suffered from a brain injury and are having problems since this brain injury occurred. These researchers want to find a way to help people fully recover from past brain injuries. They want to know how to repair the things that have gone wrong. As we all know, the brain is very extensive, and so is this type of research.

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