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Friday August 18, 2017
Getting Health Insurance Quotes Online: Worth It?
Getting Health Insurance Quotes Online: Worth It?

There are many sites presenting information on this or that kind of insurance services. Their creators say that you can get health insurance quotes, learn about your state's leading health insurance companies and instantly compare health plans in different countries in order to find the low cost health insurance. One can take a look at the medical plans of each carrier and instantly compare their coverage and prices online. Ads say that "Comparing insurance quotes=Equal saving". But is it really so?



To make it clearer, let's get back to the history of health insurance. History of insurance is connected with the development of a modern laws and market in insurance against risks. In some ways one can say that insurance comes into sight at the same time with the appearance of human society. There are two types of economies in human societies that are familiar to everyone such as money economies (it includes financial instruments, money, markets, and so on) and non-money or it is also known as natural economies (it is considered to be without financial instruments, markets, money, and so on). The second type is older if compare with the first one. Due to such economy and community, one can observe insurance when people helped each other. For example, if a house of a person burns out the members of the community will provide his assistance in building a new house. In fact the same thing should happen with neighbors, in other words all neighbors should help each other. But later accident insurance appeared and started to develop.

Accident insurance first appeared in the United States, it was offered by the Franklin Health Assurance Company of Massachusetts. This company was founded in 1856 and provides insurance against injuries that happened on the railroad and steamboats. By the year of 1866, already 60 organizations were offering their services. But with the development of industry experiments were made, which have certain consequences for the people's health.

Patients had to pay for all health care expenses from their own sources and such model was called as free-for-service business model. But later medical costs insurance appeared and started to develop. Today, most private programs of health insurance pay for the charges of preventive, emergency health care and routine procedures? also they deal with most prescription drugs, but this was not always like this.

In the first half of the 20th century there were introduced hospital and medical expense policies. Nowadays we can see a full picture of companies that provide necessary health insurance polices. The diversity of them sometimes frighten: Aetna Inc., Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, CIGNA Corporation, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated, WellPoint Inc., Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Tufts Associated Health Maintenance Organization, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of New England, ConnectiCare, Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin are only few of them .And the companies mentioned are Us ones. Their number all over the world is hard to imagine.

Some of them are quite known and successful. Some are small, but nevertheless quite experienced. Surfing through different sites presenting quotes online for some people is quite normal and for others it doesn't guarantee any real help or support. That's why it is still an open question: worth it or not?

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