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Friday August 18, 2017
Epidemiology Research

Epidemiology is the word which is used for referring to the scientific study of causes and distribution of disease occurring within populations. Some of these diseases include, but are not limited to, diabetes mellitus, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, and severe mental illness. This research will include such things as taking a look at risk factors and how they may be modified with the use of outside means. These outside means may be such things as changes in nutrition, changes in physical activity levels, chemical agents, various combinations of chemical agents, and more.

It also takes a look at such things as a persons susceptibility factors, these include genetics, immunological and hormonal biological pathways, epigenetic, and so on. When it comes to Epidemiology research it is an uphill battle. The more steps that are climbed, the more questions which come up. Each day may bring both good news, and areas which raise more concern and the need for even more extensive research. The good news is that there are advances being made everyday. With these advances come the hopes of someday being able to completely cure such diseases as cancer, diabetes, and serious mental illness.



Epidemiology research is very important to the medicine world in that it has a great amount to do with identifying those risk factors which may play a part in certain diseases. It is also important for determining the best course of action to take when it comes to treatment approaches which should be taken when dealing with patients suffering from one of these diseases. Epidemiology Research deals with the research and studying of both communicable and non-communicable diseases. The research ranges from investigations regarding outbreaks, to the collection of data, study design, and data analysis.

Epidemiology research also includes testing hypotheses with the development of statistical models, as well as the documentation of the results found. These results are released for submission to journals which will be peer-reviewed. Epidemiology research also makes use of other scientific disciplines, some of which include social science and biology. The combination of these scientific disciplines helps to make use of all of the scientific resources possible when it comes to covering all of the bases and researching the data.

Epidemiology research covers everything from observations to experiments. It is a wide spectrum and focuses on many different diseases which threaten the population. It deals a lot with relationships. That is, how one factor responds to another, and how changing one of those factors will have those two factors reacting differently to each other. When you get the response you are looking for, you are closer to having the answers we are all hoping for. In order to find the proper treatments and medicines for these diseases, Epidemiology research must happen and must continue to be productive at coming up with conclusions. Each day brings about more data which can be used to help further the research to a point where it can hopefully uncover full cures to these diseases.

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