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Friday August 18, 2017
Cancer & Cancer Research

Cancer is a horrible problem with plaques many individuals and families each year. There is so many different kinds of cancer, yet all the different types fall under one diagnosis, “cancer”. Whether it be liver cancer, breast cancer, or prostate cancer, one thing is known for sure, we don't know enough. Although more is learned each day about this life changing condition, it still isn't enough to find a cure. More research is always needed and focuses on possible causes and risk factors. Research is also done to try to learn as much as we can about the best way in which to attempt to slow down, and hopefully even kill the cancer which plagues so many.



Cancer research is extensive and there is a lot which goes in to it. A variety of methods are used in order to perform this research. It is conducted in a lab with the use of animals, chemicals, equipment, and so much more. It is also performed with the use of data collection, statistics, and tracking patients progress. Experimental therapies and drugs are tried and the data is collected from the results and findings of those therapies and drugs.

Each day cancer researchers work diligently to try to find cures, treatments, and therapies which will halt the growth and even remove the existing cancer. A lot of resources go in to cancer research with the hopes of someday finding that one cure that will save thousands upon thousands of lives. One day there may be a cure, and hopefully even an immunization for cancer. However, until that day comes cancer researchers are doing all they can to find any and all ways of helping people to at least slow down and in many cases remiss the cancer they are currently sick with.

Cancer has many known causes, and other cancers just seem to appear in many people whom don't have any of the known risk factors. It is important that cancer research be able to find out exactly what causes cancer in as many of the sufferers as possible. The more that is learned about why, the closer we are to figuring how to stop it. This is one area ion which cancer researchers focus heavily on. Other areas focus on shrinking, or removing the cancer in the best ways possible. There is no end in the extent of research which is involved with cancer research. It is a very wide and broad form of research.

If you or a loved one have been affected by cancer, you know how it can change the lives of the person and how important cancer research is. With all of the advancements this research there is reason to hope that a cure is not far off. There are also hopes of finding a cancer immunization which would help people to not have to worry so much about ever getting cancer. Cancer researchers are determined to finding the answers they need in order to put an end to this ugly illness.

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