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Friday August 18, 2017
Bronchitis & Bronchitis research

Bronchitis is a condition which affects the air passages to the lungs. It causes people to experience difficulty breathing and can come and go without any long term complications arising. Then there are those that suffer from long term or chronic Bronchitis. These people can have their lives affected by it because it will linger for long periods of time and often reoccur. Bronchitis research is done in order to find the risk factors which cause certain people to suffer from it, find a treatment for it, and learn all they can about it.



Bronchitis has some tell tale symptoms which make it somewhat easy to diagnose/ These symptoms include such things as chest discomfort, fatigue, fever, a greenish colored mucus producing cough, shortness of breath, and a wheezing in the chest. Anyone can have these symptoms with their Bronchitis whether it is acute or chronic. However, people that suffer from chronic bronchitis can come with even more symptoms which sufferers will have to deal with. These symptoms include such things as leg swelling, bluish lips which is caused from a lack of Oxygen in the bloodstream, and frequent colds.

When someone becomes ill with acute Bronchitis, there are a few things they can do which will help them get over it quicker. The first thing someone will want to do is to quite smoking if they happen to be a smoker. A person sick with Bronchitis will also want to make sure that they get a lot of rest and drink plenty of water. Aspirin is good for an adult, although you will not want to give Aspirin to a child. A humidifier will also help out and should be kept in the room where the affected person will be spending most of their time while they are sick.

Bronchitis Research has already found out a lot about Bronchitis and will continue to do so. We know everything we now know about this illness due to the amount of research which has been done and the findings which have came from those studies. We know that smoking will do a lot of damage to a person who suffers from chronic Bronchitis and we also know that people suffering from it should make sure they get their yearly flu shots. These are things that are now mostly common knowledge, but we would never know about if it weren't for the findings produced from research.

Bronchitis research also helps us to learn about the risk factors which contribute to certain people being more susceptible to Bronchitis than other people. Some people that have a higher chance of getting Bronchitis include the elderly, small children, infants, people who already suffer from lung disease, people with heart disease, and smokers. Bronchitis research has also shown that there are other things which can contribute to a recurrence of Bronchitis. These factors are things like air pollution, allergies, and certain jobs which have a person working around unhealthy toxins which can be inhaled in to the lungs. The more research that is done, the better we can have Bronchitis treated.

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