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Friday August 18, 2017
Bird flu & Bird flu research

The bird flu has been making its way into headlines, as well as many households every since the media blew the televisions up with an overwhelming amount of information on this flu. The bird flu is just that, it is a flu which is mostly found in chickens. It also affects all different types of birds. However mutation of this flu made it possible for the chickens to infect people whom were in close contact with them. Eventually, this led to more and more people catching it from others.

Since this flu affects birds, this made it very worrisome. Since birds fly long distances, this added to the concern of it spreading throughout the world rapidly. Once it became known that more and more people were coming down with the bird flu, people everywhere started growing concerned. Some people were making plans to stock pile food and stay in their houses. Other people were trying to prepare by getting prescriptions of Tamiflu before they were even sick.



Of course, there is a good reason to be cautious of the bird flu, it is a very bad flu which has caused a great number of deaths in humans. Researchers acted fast taking a good look at the bird flu, which is referred to in the medical field as the H5N1 virus. There is one positive thing about this virus. It is not quite as easy to catch from others as the traditional flus are. Mostly people catch it from others that they are in very close contact with, such as other household members and family members.

Asia was hit the hardest by the bird flu, it had a huge impact on the people of Asia. They were seen on the news wearing masks in public and doing everything they could to make sure they didn't spread this potentially fatal flu. Although Asia was hit the hardest by the bird flu, the rest of the world held their breath and nervously waited for the bird flu maps to show the bird flu approaching. Luckily the bird flu seemed to slow down and fade away for the time being, at least it isn't making news headlines right now.

However, bird flu research is very important. As we know, flus come back each season. The thing about this particular flu is that it has already shown signs proving that it has mutated. Being that it has already done so to the point where it turned from a bird flu, to a flu which can be transferred to humans, is a big potential problem. Researchers work not only to treat it, but to come up with flu shots which will help people from catching it.

It is a serious flu which needs researchers to continue looking for ways to slow down and hopefully stop another occurrence of it, which is highly likely. Bird flu researchers have already found that there are two antiviral medications which hold a lot of hope of helping those which may become ill from the H5N1 virus. These medications are called Oseltamivir and Zanamivir and both of them are showing promise. Researchers are continuously looking for other ways to prevent and treat this flu.

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