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Friday August 18, 2017
5 Reasons Why E-Cigarettes are Better for Your Health Than Regular Cigarettes

Those committed to quitting smoking have many options available to help them greatly reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke or quit all together. In the past, some of the more popular choices in smoking cessation aids were nicotine patches and nicotine chewing gum kits. These products contain low doses of nicotine and allow the smoker to progressively decrease their dosage by remaining on the program. Others have chosen to take a more rigorous approach by quitting cold turkey, due to health reasons, or other personal decisions. Some smokers take a more spiritual approach to smoking cessation by investing in the help of a hypnotherapist, counselor, or purchasing self-help books and programs, which are primarily geared at targeting the underlying reasons that cause one to smoke.

In recent years, a new and exciting product has hit the market, which has taking the cessation world by storm. Smokeless cigarette devices, known as e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, are among the newest and most effective devices to help those who want to quit smoking. It is reported that seventy percent of a smokerís addiction pertains to the physical routine associated with having a cigarette. Anyone who smokes can attest to this fact. Everything from how one holds a cigarette, how they stand or sit when they smoke, what other activities they engage in while smoking, and how they discard the cigarette are habitual and comforting to a smoker. The e-cigarette is the first smoking cessation product that targets both parts of the addiction: mental and physical. This is one of several reasons why e-cigarettes are better for oneís health than regular cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes work by pre-charging the cigarette unit with the accompanying rechargeable battery. Once the unit is pre-charged, smokers insert pre-filled cartridges into the e-cigarette. These cartridges primarily emit water vapor, but do contain small amounts of nicotine and tobacco. The best part for smokers is that they can choose from a wide variety of menthol and nicotine-based cartridges to suit their tastes. By smoking an e-cigarette versus a regular cigarette, a smoker prevents over four thousand different carcinogens from entering their bodies. Carcinogens are responsible for destroying most of the vital organs in the body. They also cause congestive heart failure, respiratory conditions, and deadly types of cancer. Smoking e-cigarettes can potentially save a smokerís life.

Another great health benefit of electronic cigarettes is that it eliminates smokerís breath and prohibits the further yellowing and discoloring of teeth that is very common amongst smokers. Some smokers are also embarrassed by the strong smell left behind on their clothing that smoking causes. E-cigarettes do not emit foul odors and do not stain the teeth.

The cost associated with purchasing regular cigarettes is astronomical. Some smokers have a hard time being able to afford the costs associated with purchasing the necessary amounts of cigarettes to support their habit. At five dollars and up per pack, smoking is one of the most expensive addictions to fall prey to. One e-cigarette filter or cartridge equals up to thirty individual cigarettes and e-cigarette cartridges are very inexpensive to purchase. The cost savings is exponential. Depending upon the habit of the individual, one can expect to save hundreds of dollars each month and thousands of dollars each year by purchasing e-cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes. The savings is another great health benefit, as up to forty percent of all smokers cannot reasonably afford their habit. This causes smokers excessive financial-related stress trying to figure out how they will be able to afford their next pack.

An e-cigarette also puts a smoker back in control of their habit and overall health. Electronic cigarettes can be used virtually anywhere. A smoker can smoke comfortably in a restaurant, pub, or in a building without having to worry about offending others and breaking laws, in some states. Smokers can choose when they begin to wean themselves off of nicotine and can use them in conjunction with regular cigarettes, if needed.

The invention of the e-cigarette opens up the doors of smoking cessation to virtually everyone, from the casual smoker to the chain smoker. One can smoke as much or as little as they need without worrying about the adverse affects caused by a traditional cigarette or affecting others by secondhand smoke. This way, e cigarettes offer a safer alternative than regular cigarettes. Smokers can also enjoy the added benefits of better-smelling hair, skin, nails, and clothes. The greatest benefit for a smoker is the elimination of the addiction and the cost-saving benefits associated with quitting.

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